RUDM 2024 Frequently Asked Questions and Helpful Information and Links

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  • I’m ready! How do I sign up for RUDM 2024?

Great, you can get started by navigating to and following the prompts to register as a Dancer. If you use the same account you’ve used previously, all of your donors and imported contacts will already be available, so you can get started on your fundraising by emailing them today!

  • How do I register?

Click Join an Existing Team if there is a fraternity/sorority, residence hall, sports club, or student organization that you are affiliated with.

Click Individual Dancer if you do not have a team at the current time. If you do join a fraternity/sorority or student organization later, we can always add you to that team.

  • What is the deadline to register as Dancer?

Monday, 2/18 is the deadline to register as a Dancer.

  • What are the three Dancer levels?

The three Dancer levels are Silver, Scarlet and Comma Club. Check out each level’s perks and fundraising commitment.

  • When is my fundraising commitment due?

The fundraising commitment for Dancers is due on Sunday, 3/3/24. After the fundraising commitment is met, you’ll receive an email, confirming you as an official RUDM 2024 Dancer. You are also encouraged to keep fundraising, especially if you’d like to reach the next Dancer fundraising level!

  • My organization does not have a team. Can we form one?

Any registered university student organization can form a team! If you don’t already see your organization listed in the pull-down menu, email us at

  • I’m not part of an organization. Is there a team for me?

We have a vibrant community of independent Dancers called Project FTK. We strive to foster this inclusive and fun community of like-minded students. Anyone can join to get started raising money and awareness For The Kids!.

  • Can I change my team after I register?

Yes, you can change your team at any time either through the TeamRaiser interface or by emailing us at

  • I’m not a great dancer! Do I really have to dance the whole time?

RUDM is way more than just dancing! There will be guest speakers, student organization performances, a Step & Stroll Showcase, Pep Rally, the Line Dance, and much more. All of us will be on our feet for the entire event. How much you dance is entirely up to you!

  • I’ll be out of town on 4/6/24. Is there a way I can still help?

There are countless ways to help with the success of RUDM 2024. Start by following DM on Instagram. Next, you could attend a DM Restaurant Promo Night, support a fraternity/sorority DM fundraiser, buy some DM Gear, or support your favorite Dancers’s Venmo fundraiser. Need more ideas? Check with our Finance team.

  • What are Captains, and how do I apply to become one?

Captains are our dedicated community members that assist the Central Planning Team throughout the year with event planning and execution. They are motivated students who are critical to the event’s success. We have info sessions for prospective Captains available throughout the month of September. You must attend an info session to receive a Captain application. Follow us on Instagram for dates, times and locations.

  • What are Event Staff, and how do I become one?

Event Staff are dedicated community members that sign-up to volunteer at RUDM on 4/6/24. These volunteers assist with the various support tasks that keep DM running (production set-up, meal service, concession stand, snack bar, etc.). Registration for Event Staff volunteers opens on Monday, 1/8/24 and closes on Sunday, 2/18/24.